May 17, 2014 Unknown

This is my sorry attempt at longboarding. I dont have the best balance in the world (or any at all) but to ride this thing and not fall is already an achievement for me. And I am proud to announce that I did not (completely) make a fool out of myself today.

Jade Narcelles

Them doods. These guys hate my selfies lol notice their "this-is-dumb-but-its-for-her" facial expressions they're blinding your eyes with.

I present to you, Sizzling Squid. We went to this Filipino cuisine place just to try it out and got the adventurous items from the menu. It was delicious... until we got stomach aches later that night.... Sorry, I just totally ruined it for you didn't I? Lol my bad.

Anywho, those were today's highlights. I am just starting out with this blogging thing and I don't want it to be strictly a fashion blog where I spam you with a gajillion photos of the same outfit so I'll probably make this into a lifestyle blog instead ;)