May 29, 2014 Unknown

Jade Narcelles
Sammy Dress Oversized Denim Jacket / Suicide Silence Shirt / H&M Grunge Leggings / Vans Sneakers

Finally got my Sammy Dress Denim Jacket after waiting for AGES. Man I hate to say this but I am never buying from them ever again! The shipping was just unbelievable. Not only did it take forever but there were so many hidden fees that just slapped me in the face when I was receiving my package and I had no choice but to pay up. Do not let the low prices fool you! they will bite you in the ass with shipping costs! I paid a total of $160 on shipping ALONE for $100 worth of clothing. If I had only known it would be like this I wouldn't even bother shopping there. There is however a "Silver Lining" to this unforgivable disaster.. this oversized denim jacket fit really well and it's exactly how I pictured it.. besides that, you got me.


  1. haha LOL :) I've already learned my lesson about international shipping. That's why nowadays, I only buy from shops that offer free shipping. besides, in my country, the tax will be charged if the package worth minimum $50. I usually buy items one by one so the total cost in one package is not over $50 :D

    btw, I'm following you now on bloglovin and fanning you on lookbook. Hope you'll do the same to mine

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

    1. Hi Rizuna!

      I knuuuuu! I should back off as soon as I see shipping costs from now on lol. Followed and fanned you back lovely <3