May 26, 2014 Unknown

Jade Narcelles
 Zumiez Denim Jacket / Fullbreach Shirt / Leopard Print Leggings / Creepers

Went to this 3-day conference where there were lots of different bands and speakers. This will actually just be an outfit post as I prep the event photos for another post. Anywho, I had a blast! But I was extremely exhausted. This was what I wore on Day 2. Walking around the event all day with these platform creepers was definitely a challenge ahahaha! I know I'm gaining weight (Fast food was all I had access to lol) and you know you're getting big when your mother tells you to lay off the rice! lol but I'm working on it! I actually have a fitness buddy this time to help me with that journey. Stoked!

Jade Narcelles
Sorry about my monstrous hair It was sooooo windy!
Jade Narcelles
And of course...the no-face-just-hair shot cause I'm not very good at posing.

Got these schweeeet buttons at the merch place :D